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What will i get.

The following items are included in the mass pages websites.

1.    Design of the website, as closer to your industry.

2.   Content of all of the pages:

a.   8 Core pages of the website and 8 Service Blitz pages, Blitz page means the source of the mass pages. So, one blitz page will have all the information about credit repair and we will multiply it using SEO strategies with the cities. Likewise the 2nd blitz page will be multiplied into all states. You can take an example of cities and states at the bottom of this website: this website has almost 75000 pages.

3.   5 Social Media Accounts for individual website and link back to the website.
4.   Youtube Basic Sliding Video For Every Website. Take a look at the example on the right column of
5.   5 PDF File Sharing (One Time Back Linking)
6.   3 Article Submission (One Time Back linking)